Serve God with all that is within you.

Serve God with all that is within you.

Serve God with all that is within you.

I remember setting a goal to make a certain amount of money by a certain age. Not only did I not reach that goal, I also wasn't fulfilled. My job didn't bring me joy. I didn't have a passion for it which is probably why I wasn't the best employee.

Has anyone felt as if they're didn't know what their purpose in life was? Maybe you worked on a job because it paid the bills, but you complained about having to show up every day. You looked at the clock all day waiting for the workday to end.

What about your service to God’s work? Are you working for God's 5 star rating? Do you work countless hours making sure the church program goes off without a hitch? Maybe you rehearse your vocal part over and over again so that you won't be off-key for worship service. Are you using your talents for kingdom business to please God and not looking for recognition from Man?

Whatever your ministry is, give God your all. God gave is His all; His only begotten Son. Although we can never repay Him for what He gave to us, we can serve God with a goal in mind. To serve him with all our hearts, mind and spirit for He has been good to us and deserves all we have to give. He promised us an opportunity to live with Him in eternity. Let's serve until we get there.

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