I sat next to sweet Mrs.

I sat next to sweet Mrs.

I sat next to sweet Mrs. Sheila and began to strike up a conversation. Before I left, I asked if I could give her one of my cards. I began to tell her about my ministry. That I was a speaker and writer. She said that I'm going to look you up right now and she did. She asked if I posted everyday and I said yes ma'am. I post either a video or something written but always scripture. She asked about my book and I let her know that I had a copy with me. She looked through it and said, I'll take one.🙌🏾

Praise God for giving me the courage to be bold for Him. Continue to meet the need Lord as I spread the gospel about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

OptimisticallyKe....that's me
#ChampionforGod #Speaker #Author #Chosen #Unique

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