OptimisticallyKe just reached 400 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏🤗🎉

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OptimisticallyKe had an amazing time being interviewed as a guest on the Create, Build and Manage Daily Show with Scott Miller today. We discussed OptimisticallyKe's journey as an inspirational speaker, how her ministry encourages others with her motivational videos and tips for staying positive in trying times.

You have 3 opportunities to watch the segment. Thanks so much for your support. Stay encouraged and remember that with God, you can make it through anything.

Friday, September 30th at 7pm cst and 10pm cst. And again on Monday afternoon at 3pm cst.

Create, Build and Manage Daily

Create, Build and Manage Daily">

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He may not come when you want Him, but God shows up right on time.

Life is hard. Internal struggles are real. Experiencing pain isn't pleasant and waiting is never fun.

Even in the midst of trying times, God wants us to continue to do what's right. As His children, we are to worship Him, give Him honor, encourage our fellow man, live in unity with one another, and wait until God shows up in our situation.

God is always there; we just have to remain focused on His goodness. His loving kindness towards us is unmatched. His provisions for us are unlimited. We can’t count the number of times He's solved a problem. He is our help; therefore, we hope in Him.

Let us always remember to do God's will even in our trying seasons, and may we never forget that can't nobody do you like Jesus. Can't nobody, love you like the Lord.

OptimisticallyKe....that's me

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Why am I like this?

Self sabotage. Self centered. Plays the victim. No accountability or ownership of my actions. The list goes on.

Just broken and flawed. But God🙌🏾. He still thinks that I'm special, and can use me despite all of my imperfections.

Guess what? He can use you too! It doesn’t matter what you've done or how you view yourself. God loves you in spite of it all.

We are His greatest creation. Even with all of our insecurities and shortcomings, He thinks highly of us that He made us a little lower than the angels. Through Jesus Christ, we are new creatures that can do good things that He planned for us while we were in our Mother's womb.

May we never forget that we are God's chosen ones. We are the apple of His eyes. We are saved. We have been redeemed. We are loved. We are accepted. We are Enough!

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Giving up is not an option.

We will encounter hardship as we journey through life. Some of them can be so rough that they bring us to a complete stop; however, we must not quit.

When our character is tested and we feel weak, let us forget not the Lord and all His benefits. We are God's children and the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Because we belong to God, we can strut through life with our heads up high. We know that in the end we win. We will receive our prize which is a crown of life. We get to live with God in eternity. This belief gives us confidence to face our trials head on. They might trip us up, but they won't keep us from reaching the finish line.

OptimisticallyKe...that's me

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It's Fabulous Friday and I'm feeling optimistic about October.

I'm looking forward to being a vendor at these two awesome events next month!

I'm excited about new colors for your buzz word tshirts dropping just in time for fall.

Mark your calendars and meet me there!

OptimisticallyKe....that's me #FaithfulFriday

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It's Going to be Alright by OptimisticallyKe...that's me
#ItIsWell #HangInThere #ItGetsBetter

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The road of discovering who you truly are can be quite the journey with some pleasant surprises along the way. A friend recently told me that I am tenacious; I didn't even know I possessed that trait, but what I have learned is that God will bring you to certain situations that will reveal who you truly are.

I used to think that I needed to be married to be complete; however, I have learned that completeness comes from knowing Who You Are and Whose You Are. When you fully embrace and accept the person you are , you can operate from a place of love.

At the core of that place of love is God's presence. You begin to realize that God is there no matter what you have done and that He loves you. You become stronger because you truly believe that God is by your side and will never leave you. Your relationship with God is strengthened the more you put your trust in Him. You can now live out Philippians 4:13 because all things are possible.

What an awesome feeling it is to discover your inner strength; you unlock a boldness to do things you didn't think you were capable of. You believe in yourself because you are confident that's God's power is in you and His love surrounds you. You can now live the life that God planned for you long ago.

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Complete in Jesus. We can’t comprehend how high, how long, how wide or how deep Jesus' love is for us.
#InnerStrength #Power #Believe #TrustInHim

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